Small Projects to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Everyone wants a home that looks stylish and inviting.  Some simple DIY improvements can make a huge difference to the curb appeal of a home.  Curb appeal is hugely important to the sale of a home.  As they say, there's never a second chance to make a good first impression, and when it comes to potential buyers for the home you're looking to sell, they will first be seeing the outside of your home.  Here are some great ideas to help you bring the WOW factor out in your home. 

Paint Your Front Door

This trend is HUGELY popular right now, and if you choose to move forward with this project, your house will not only look updated, it will attract more eyes.  The matter of choosing a color is one of personal preference.  If you choose color, your front door will pop out from the home, making your house look more inviting.  If you choose a more neutral hue or even a grey, the contrast of the door compared to the outside of your home will draw the eyes, as well.  
Try out different colors on your home with the Paint My Place app, available here.

Paint Your Door Hardware

This can also be a great way to update your front door.  Almost anything is more modern than contractor's brass.  You will need to remove the hardware from the door when you are doing this, and if you plan on painting your door as well, you should paint while the door hardware is off, to avoid showing the old paint when you re-install the hardware (you're never going to get it in the exact same spot).  For this project, remember two things: 1. Clean the hardware very well before you paint; and 2: Prime your hardware before you paint it.  I suggest middle-grade primer and paint for both of those steps.  The metallic finish spraypaints would work beautifully for this project!

Sometimes, dinged up door handles and scratched up keyholes can be an ugly sight; what's worse, a door handle that looks dirty.  If you are looking to sell your home, think about this: you don't want a prospective Buyer to not want to touch your door handle as they walk into your home.  Walking into the home should be inviting; they should be imagining that space as their own.  They should not, however, want to wash their hands after they open the door.

Update Your House Numbers

This simple step can give your house an updated look and also serve to set it apart from the rest.  There are so many fonts available online, and there are a lot of very affordable ones!

To browse some unique house numbers that would add a little personality and flair to your home, click here.

Frame Your Front Door

Update the paint around your outer door frame as well, to make sure that the whole project is done equally, and it looks balanced.  If you're really handy, try installing moulding around the top of your door frame.  This adds a decorative element to your home, and can actually look incredibly elegant.


Add a Stylish Door Knocker
Another fairly affordable, easy project that can add a bit of flair to your home.  There are so many options out there for door knockers, from the classic to the eccentric, so you can use the door knocker as a way to give a little personal flair to your home.  However, you should make sure the knocker fits in with the theme you are going for with your home.  You should be able to stand in front of the door and feel how beautifully it fits, as well as stand on your curb, where you wouldn't even be able to see it anyway, and still think it fits beautifully, even when compared with the whole home, yard, and landscaping. 

Find unique door knockers here.


Buy New Porch Lights 
If the ones you have fit the look of your home, or you simply don't feel like you necessarily need an upgrade, simply take the time to thoroughly clean the ones you have.  Remove the dust and grime, and be completely surprised at the difference it makes.

Find a wide variety of porch lights, from modern to classic, here.

Buy a New Welcome Mat
You want your house to look clean and fresh when showing it to prospective buyers.  Don't think that your worn down, faded, old welcome mat won't make an impact on the way your home feels.  This is an inexpensive way to update your home, and everyone loves the front porch appeal!

You can find unique welcome mats here.

Faux Tile Your Concrete Front Porch
Select the stencil design you think would work best with your home, Buy the stain in a color you love, and get to work! You won't be able to believe how awesome your concrete looks. It won't be until after you finish that you realize how boring the plain concrete looked before.
You can browse stencil designs for concrete staining here.

Faux Runner Your Steps
If you have concrete steps, consider going with the concrete stain or paint with this project:  Painting a solid bar going up your steps, like a stair runner would.  This can be a beautiful alternative if you don't want to faux tile your porch, or if you don't think the look of faux tile would work with your home.  This option is much simpler; it is more easily adapted to the many looks a home can have.  Also, if you opt for stain, you won't need to Buy as much!

To browse concrete stain products and find some tips for staining concrete, click here.

Cover Exposed Foundation 
Since we're on the topic of concrete already, I'll talk about this one last thing.  Exposed foundation showing on your home is something that we tend to simply "look past" when looking at a home.  However, just because it gets passed over does not mean that it couldn't be improved upon.  Take that looked-past part of your home, and install stacked stone veneer panels over the exposed sections.  Now, your home has a beautiful accent rather than a section that gets ignored!

Check out some of your options for veneer panels here.

Add Faux Shutters to Your Windows

If your home already has faux shutters, consider updating them with a color that works well your new accented door!  If your home doesn't have them, consider installing some.  They can lend a pop of color to your home, just as the new front door color does, and they can make an ordinary-looking home look a little more cozy.

You can find a wide variety of styles and colors here.


Pressure Wash Everything
This makes such a huge difference to a home.  Sometimes, we don't even notice how dingy our homes have gotten.  Blame it on our busy lives; blame it on the fact that we saw the change happen gradually, dulling our ability to see it.  Wherever you place the blame, the same thing is true: your home needs a good washing.  The pressure washer makes things a lot quicker than doing this by hand.  If you don't have a pressure washer and have no one to borrow from, consider going to an equipment rental facility and renting one for the day.  Just a hint: these places are often closed on Sundays, so if you rent on Saturday, your return date is Monday, but because they are closed on Sunday, some places won't charge you for the extra day.

Don't have a pressure washer?  Rent one!  You can check out the varieties that Home Depot rents out here.

Hang Up Your Hose

If you don't have a nice way to hang your hose, consider even mounting a large decorative hook, like a plant holder hook, to a wooden pole and installing it next to your hose.  This will look so much nicer than that old cracked plastic hose hanger you had before, or worse yet, no hose hanger or reel at all!

Check out some of your options here.

Bring Out Your Green Thumb

If your house is going on the market in Spring, Summer, or Fall, plant flowers around your home.  If you haven't got much of a talent for gardening, be sure you are buying flowers that thrive in the conditions in which you are planting them.  Don't Buy Full Sun flowers for a shaded spot, because they will not fill out, and you'll never get all the flowers you want to see. 

If you are looking to go the easier route, do a little research into what flowers and plants are native to your area.  These plants will do well at your home, and they will require less work, because they are predisposed for your area's particular environment.

You can find your area's native plants here.


Be a Good Gardener

Make sure that while you are showing your house, you are keeping up with the weeding, the mowing, the watering, and the trimming.  Keeping that yard looking trim and tidy will, in turn, keep up your curb appeal game.  

Matching flower pots framing your front door, adding edging to your flower beds, installing hanging window planters, planting flower beds around your trees, layering plants to add dimension, and placing hanging planters on your porch are all good ways to add a little color and flare to your home!

Creating a theme that doesn't feel forced is the ultimate goal here, so even if you are one of those people who "doesn't have the eye for these things," remember this: you like what you like.  The things you like comprise your style.  Go with your gut when shopping, and Buy the things you really love.  It should all come together, and you'll soon be admiring the difference your improvements have made!