Wow!  Where to start?  Real Estate has been an exciting roller coaster this year so far!  Despite all the media hype, stock market insanity, and economic uproar, my group has exceeded my expectations for this year in real estate!  According to the Southwestern Illinois Regional MLS, we are currently #1 in the area for home sales (dollar volume AND units sold) at a little over $25,000,000 in production!  What does this mean for my clients?

It means that I am STILL SPENDING TOP DOLLAR to advertise your home!  In fact, I am in the process of adding an Interactive Voice Response system to all of my listings just to make sure we access that many more buyers.  I am expanding my marketing plan online to reach out to that many more prospects.  Also, I recently attended a Leadership University where I learned new ways to keep my team productive and cohesive.  I picked up some great marketing tips as well that will keep us on the cutting edge for marketing.  Talk to you soon!