Homes For Sale in Columbia Illinois

If you Buy a home in Columbia Illinois, you have made an excellent decision as this city is one of the most desirable locations to start, expand or relocate to. Columbia Illinois, also known as the ‘Metro East’, is one of the fastest growing suburbs in the St. Louis metropolitan area and is the sixth most affluent community per capita in Illinois. Columbia Illinois is located in northern Monroe County on the Mississippi River Bluffs and the American Bottoms which is adjacent to Interstate 255. Columbia is only a few miles away from St. Louis which is right across the Jefferson Bridge.

Columbia continues to be a hot spot for future developments and there are many homes for sale. Columbia real estate is on thousands of acres of prime development. These sites are supported by one of the most cost effective intermodal transportation systems in America, which is located directly across the Mississippi River from the downtown skyline.

If you are a family orientated person or have a family and enjoy a smaller community, you may want to search homes for sale in Columbia. Columbia maintains a small town charm and encourages community growth. Columbia also embraces its German American heritage and supports strong community participation.

The real estate in Columbia Illinois is vast, beautiful and rapidly growing. This is partially to do with all that Columbia has to offer its residents. There is an excellent school system in Columbia. There are preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, Catholic schools and private schools. Once summertime comes around and you would like your children to have fun and remain busy, you have many options of sending them to various camps. The ‘Illinois Summer Camps’ have different summer camps such as arts camps, sports camps (basketball, baseball), and technology camps. There are also girls and boy’s camps, music camp, teen camps, over night camps, and many, many more.

Columbia also offers great recreational services and community leagues. The children’s leagues and instructional classes are the Khaury League (baseball and softball), the Kids n’ kiks (soccer), Blue Jays Football, bowling, dancing, swimming, gymnastics and golf. There are even adult leagues which offer bowling, volleyball, golf horseshoes and softball.

Other great recreational services and areas that are wonderful for the whole family are Columbia’s parks and recreation. There are various play spaces for children, which is why Columbia Illinois is also known as “Playful City USA”. There are five huge parks in Columbia which are American Legion Park, Bolm-Schuhkraft  Memorial City park, Meadow Ridge Park, Municipal Park and Turner Park. Within these vast, green parks, there are pavilions, horseshoe pavilions, playgrounds, walking tails and picnic areas. These services, parks and leagues are just a few of the wonderful amenities that Columbia has to offer.

If you are looking to relocate to a charming, family orientated community, you will want to look at the variety of homes for sale in Columbia. There are not only fabulous recreational services there but also some great hot spots. For avid golfers, there are three challenging golf courses right in Columbia; twenty minutes away in Southwestern Illinois, there are another seven beautiful golf courses.

Other popular hot spots, in and around Columbia, are race car and horse races, which are only twenty minutes away. Within sixty minutes of Columbia are three large, pristine lakes and two recreational rivers. Day or night, people of all ages can be found enjoying the simple pleasure of a walk around Columbia’s historic and beautifully manicured Main Street.

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