Today was a really fun day for The Linda Frierdich Real Estate Group.  We hosted Mrs. June Zinck's Consumer Education Class from Gibault High School to teach them how to Buy their first home.  Mrs. Zinck's class went around to local businesses today to learn about opening a checking account, buying furniture, buying a car, and their last stop was a visit with our group.  Sam and Whitney met the class at one of our New Construction Homes listed in Columbia Lakes.  Before touring the home, they had a brief discussion with the class about the importance of finding a Realtor to represent them on their first home-buying transaction and the importance of being pre-approved for a loan before digging in deep to looking.  We then hosted a mock open house where the students were allowed to ask questions and we pointed out to them different features in homes to observe and take note of.  After the open house, we wrote up a sample contract about the students first home purchase.  It was an educational experience for the class and Our Team.  If anyone reading this has a group or class who would be interested in doing something similar to this to go over the importance of buying your first home, we would be happy to help.  You can come to us for a mock open house, or we can come to your classroom or meeting space to go over the importance of homeownership and buying your first home.  Thanks again to Mrs. Zinck and Gibault High School for giving us such a great opportunity to teach future generations about buying a home.  Also a big thank you to Monroe Homes for letting us use one of their display homes in Columbia Lakes to host this important event.  We hope they have the same field trip next year and we encourage anyone interested in having a similar event to give us a call or send us an email. 


Pictured above are Sam and Whitney, on the right, with Mrs. Zinck's Consumer Education Class from Gibault Catholic High School.