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Common House Problems & How to Identify Them

by The Linda Frierdich Real Estate Group

What to Look Out for:
Home Issues and How to Identify Them When Home Searching


To be the best consumer you can be, it's not a bad idea to get familiar with identifying the issues that can arise from the product in which you are wanting to purchase.  A home inspector will be able to identify any major and minor issues in a home, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with familiarizing yourself to the potential problems that can exist in a home and how to identify them when preparing for searching for a home.  If nothing else, that gained knowledge will surely make the Buyer feel more confident about the Home Search in general.  Not all issues in a home are easy to see.  Here are some tips regarding things to look out for when searching for a home.

These tips can even help those who currently own a home identify potential problems that could possibly be evident in their own home.


Potential Structural Problems

Stand Away from the House:

Sometimes, very big structural problems will only be apparent from a distance away from the house.  When leveling a picture on the wall by "eyeing it up," do you stand close to the wall, or do you back up a few feet?  Sometimes it's hard to see when things aren't aligned right when we are up close to them.

Also, take anything with a straight edge, and hold it up to the roofline, foundation line, whatever you can, from across the street, to see if there is any noticeable sagging.  This can be caused by a number of problems with the home.  

Stand at a Corner and Look Down the Length of the House

If you've ever required very straight lumber for a project, chances are you've stood in the aisle at a home improvement store, going through every 1x2 by laying one end on the ground and holding the other up to your one open eye.  From that angle, the bowing or impurities are a lot more evident.  This is true of a house, as well.  By looking down the length of the house, it becomes easier to spot any bowing in or out that may be happening with the foundation or frame of the home. 

Walk around the Home to Look for Any Cracks

Look for exterior wall cracks, and even take note of those that have signs of being repaired but have opened again.  Especially take note of cracks that come from the corners of windows and doors, as well as those that leave the opposite side of the crack looking lopsided.

Look for any gaps that make it look like aspects of the home are moving apart from one another.  For instance, where a deck meets the home, or lines that exist where walls meet.

Feel Around with Your Feet When Walking through the House

When walking around the interior of the home, feel around with your feet to see if you notice any sloping, bumps, or divets in the flooring.  

Poor Drainage or Grading

Water in the home is something that all homeowners are afraid of, and understandably so- water in the home can lead to cracking in the foundation.  Many water problems in a home are caused by poor drainage or grading.  Although poor drainage isn't always easily detected, there are a few signs you can look out for.  If a yard has puddles of standing water, it probably has poor drainage.  Overflowing gutters, water stains in the basement of the home, and evidence that mulch or landscaping ground cover gets moved around when it rains are all signs that the home could have a problem with proper drainage.  

It's important that the grading around a home slopes away from the home's foundation, so that water run-off makes its way away from the foundation.  However, there are some inexpensive projects that can ease the water around the foundation, such as installing gutter extensions that lead water further from the home to a place where the grading will lead the water away from the home.


Pest/Insect Problems

Look for Bugs

This may seem obvious, but it is nonetheless important.  Remember, bugs are really good at hiding!  Check places like the kitchen and bathroom for live bugs, and check places like the basement and window ledges for dead bugs.

Keep an eye out for droppings and nests

Researching the best ways to identify pest droppings may sound disgusting, but it's a great way to identify pest problems within the house.  Once you can identify the animal that the droppings came from, you can get a better idea of how to deal with the infestation.  Along with the droppings research, be sure to look into identifying roach eggs and evidence of bed bugs, so that you may be on the lookout for that as well.

Animals like rats and mice like to build nests where in the areas they have infested.  Be sure to check behind appliances and in cabinets for scraps of paper or similar materials that can be used to make a nest.

Use Your Nose!

It's a bit gross, but some pests emit distinct odors where they have infested.  For instance, rats smell like ammonia, and mice have a distinct urine smell.  If you smell this in a home you are interested in buying, it might be a good idea to do a little extra looking around for other signs of an infestation.

Signs of Termites

A termite problem is potentially fatal to a home's structural solidity, given that they dine on wood.  Keep an eye out for termite damage, which includes visible holes in wood, sagging floors, and wood that sounds hollow when tapped.  Termite wings that have been shed from the bugs, and fecal pellets that are tan and resemble sawdust may be signs of an infestation, as well.


Amateur Repairs

Patches of Paint in the Home

There is nothing to be alarmed about when a home on the market has fresh paint.  A fresh coat of paint can do a lot to spruce up a home when preparing it for the market; in fact, it even can cut back on odors in the home!  However, there is something to be alarmed about if you notice that there is only one spot on a wall with fresh paint.  The owner could have simply been patching a hole, but there is also a chance that the fresh paint is hiding a problem behind it.  While this is a very open-ended potential problem, it is still worth checking into.  

DIY Home Repairs

While it is true that many home owners are perfectly capable of properly completing some repairs on their homes, it is also true that many are not.  Sometimes there is an overlap of do-it-yourself home repairs and those two types of home owners.  The issues caused by those DIY repairs are often seen on "flipped" homes, because sometimes the "flippers" are not necessarily qualified to do all the repairs that the home needs.  The most common of these problems are related to plumbing, carpentry, and electrical work.  These issues would typically be found in a house inspection, but the evidence of these projects is nonetheless important to look out for.  It is always important, when looking at a home you are interested in, to check for signs of leaky faucets and pipes, as these things can cause big problems but are easily identified.

Stains on Walls and Ceilings

Sometimes a stain on a wall or ceiling can be from an issue with the home that has since been fixed.  However, it is important to find out what caused the stains, because they could be evidence of an ongoing issue.  These stains could be caused from a plumbing issue or a leak in the roof.  No matter what, if you see a stain in the home, it is very important to inquire about it and try to find what caused it.  

Evidence of Electrical Problems

Electrical issues should always raise a red flag for a potential home Buyer.   It is important that older homes, especially, have updated fuse boxes and electrical panels.  Sometimes it can be hard to identify potential issues for those buyers who aren't experienced with electricity, so here are some simple things you can do to check for signs of electrical problems.  You should always turn on and off every light switch, check for any signs of flickering when the switch is moved, and check outlets for darkening caused by a plug getting too hot from pulling too much current.  It is also important to remember that a home inspector will more easily be able to identify any issues with wiring or electricity, so there is no need to be too worried about your own investigative skills.


In Summation...

The problems indicated in this article are identified most accurately by a home inspector.  Never jump to conclusions about any evidence of issues in a home that you are interested in buying, because some problems are expected.  For instance, it is rare for older homes to not display some time of cracking due to years of settling.  A home inspector, however, will be able to identify what cracks are less important and which ones should be worrisome.  

The information here is intended to give you a general idea of what issues are most common and how to identify them, because sometimes it can help you choose which home is the right one for you.  It all depends on what you are looking for, but this should help at a surface level in your Home Search.  

This article should also portray why it is so important to hire a good buyers agent to help you in your Home Search.  Buyers Agents have seen many of these issues, and they will always be on the lookout for any potential problems in the home.  They want to help you find the best home for you, and they are knowledgable about the common issues that arise in homes.  



Yard Sale Fundraiser Helps Local Family

by The Linda Frierdich Real Estate Group

Yard Sale Fundraiser Helps Local Family


As many of you know, over the weekend, The Linda Frierdich Group of Century 21 Advantage, along with Midwest Carpet Cleaning & CKE Construction and Design, sponsored a fundraiser yard sale event for the family of a local young girl with Stage 4 cancer.  This event was a HUGE success, and we would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped us along the way...

Two of our biggest thanks are extended to the other two businesses who helped us put on this event.  Midwest Carpet and CKE Construction and Design were there through it all, offering their time, business space, and hard work to the event.  

Hope Christian Church- Thank you for letting us invade your parking lot for three days this week, and for all the volunteers you sent our way, as well as the baked goods your congregation contributed to the bake sale.  Having the location we had definitely played such a huge role in the success of this event.

Dr. Cangas & the staff at Illini Pediatrics- Thank you for your support, hard work, donations, and baked goods.  Dr. Cangas came out and volunteered to work the sale on Friday, and he was such a big help.  His team also brought us REALLY nice donations as well as a bunch of goodies for the bake sale.  I think it's worth noting, also, that we never solicited help from Dr. Cangas or his staff.  They heard about the event, and they contacted us to volunteer their time and donations. How awesome is that!?

The EMS crew, who brought us out boxes of gift bags for kids.  Thank you so much to the EMS who brought those out for us and showed their support for the community, but thank you, also, to the mystery donator who made up those gift bags and handmade the stuffed bears that were in them.  You are amazing!

Thank you to The Linda Frierdich Group- This team really came together, donating whatever time they could out of their busy schedules to make this event a success.  What an awesome team we have!

To the local businesses who donated items to the raffle:

Elements off Main

La Bella Rosa Boutique

Mill Street Treasures

Reifschneider's Grill and Grape

Rooster's Health Food

Elly Augustine - Independent Scentsy Consultant

Bad Sister Boutique

Philomena + Ruth

The Clothesline Boutique

Our House Cafe

Schneider's Quality Meats

Knott So Shabby

Tiny's Pub & Grill

Dear Diva Desserts

Our amazing community-

Thanks most of all to the people who donated items to our sale and came out to support this local family.  When you hear about a family going through what the Boyers are going through, your heart goes out to them, and the thought, "I wish I could do something" comes to mind.  This event gave the community a chance to do something, and the community came through, tenfold.  All the support, donations, both monetary and through sale items, have warmed our hearts beyond belief.  You make us PROUD to be members of a community that comes together to support one of our own in the way we did.  The sense of community displayed through this event is simply inspiring.

Small Projects to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

by The Linda Frierdich Real Estate Group

Small Projects to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Everyone wants a home that looks stylish and inviting.  Some simple DIY improvements can make a huge difference to the curb appeal of a home.  Curb appeal is hugely important to the sale of a home.  As they say, there's never a second chance to make a good first impression, and when it comes to potential buyers for the home you're looking to sell, they will first be seeing the outside of your home.  Here are some great ideas to help you bring the WOW factor out in your home. 

Paint Your Front Door

This trend is HUGELY popular right now, and if you choose to move forward with this project, your house will not only look updated, it will attract more eyes.  The matter of choosing a color is one of personal preference.  If you choose color, your front door will pop out from the home, making your house look more inviting.  If you choose a more neutral hue or even a grey, the contrast of the door compared to the outside of your home will draw the eyes, as well.  
Try out different colors on your home with the Paint My Place app, available here.

Paint Your Door Hardware

This can also be a great way to update your front door.  Almost anything is more modern than contractor's brass.  You will need to remove the hardware from the door when you are doing this, and if you plan on painting your door as well, you should paint while the door hardware is off, to avoid showing the old paint when you re-install the hardware (you're never going to get it in the exact same spot).  For this project, remember two things: 1. Clean the hardware very well before you paint; and 2: Prime your hardware before you paint it.  I suggest middle-grade primer and paint for both of those steps.  The metallic finish spraypaints would work beautifully for this project!

Sometimes, dinged up door handles and scratched up keyholes can be an ugly sight; what's worse, a door handle that looks dirty.  If you are looking to sell your home, think about this: you don't want a prospective Buyer to not want to touch your door handle as they walk into your home.  Walking into the home should be inviting; they should be imagining that space as their own.  They should not, however, want to wash their hands after they open the door.

Update Your House Numbers

This simple step can give your house an updated look and also serve to set it apart from the rest.  There are so many fonts available online, and there are a lot of very affordable ones!

To browse some unique house numbers that would add a little personality and flair to your home, click here.

Frame Your Front Door

Update the paint around your outer door frame as well, to make sure that the whole project is done equally, and it looks balanced.  If you're really handy, try installing moulding around the top of your door frame.  This adds a decorative element to your home, and can actually look incredibly elegant.


Add a Stylish Door Knocker
Another fairly affordable, easy project that can add a bit of flair to your home.  There are so many options out there for door knockers, from the classic to the eccentric, so you can use the door knocker as a way to give a little personal flair to your home.  However, you should make sure the knocker fits in with the theme you are going for with your home.  You should be able to stand in front of the door and feel how beautifully it fits, as well as stand on your curb, where you wouldn't even be able to see it anyway, and still think it fits beautifully, even when compared with the whole home, yard, and landscaping. 

Find unique door knockers here.


Buy New Porch Lights 
If the ones you have fit the look of your home, or you simply don't feel like you necessarily need an upgrade, simply take the time to thoroughly clean the ones you have.  Remove the dust and grime, and be completely surprised at the difference it makes.

Find a wide variety of porch lights, from modern to classic, here.

Buy a New Welcome Mat
You want your house to look clean and fresh when showing it to prospective buyers.  Don't think that your worn down, faded, old welcome mat won't make an impact on the way your home feels.  This is an inexpensive way to update your home, and everyone loves the front porch appeal!

You can find unique welcome mats here.

Faux Tile Your Concrete Front Porch
Select the stencil design you think would work best with your home, Buy the stain in a color you love, and get to work! You won't be able to believe how awesome your concrete looks. It won't be until after you finish that you realize how boring the plain concrete looked before.
You can browse stencil designs for concrete staining here.

Faux Runner Your Steps
If you have concrete steps, consider going with the concrete stain or paint with this project:  Painting a solid bar going up your steps, like a stair runner would.  This can be a beautiful alternative if you don't want to faux tile your porch, or if you don't think the look of faux tile would work with your home.  This option is much simpler; it is more easily adapted to the many looks a home can have.  Also, if you opt for stain, you won't need to Buy as much!

To browse concrete stain products and find some tips for staining concrete, click here.

Cover Exposed Foundation 
Since we're on the topic of concrete already, I'll talk about this one last thing.  Exposed foundation showing on your home is something that we tend to simply "look past" when looking at a home.  However, just because it gets passed over does not mean that it couldn't be improved upon.  Take that looked-past part of your home, and install stacked stone veneer panels over the exposed sections.  Now, your home has a beautiful accent rather than a section that gets ignored!

Check out some of your options for veneer panels here.

Add Faux Shutters to Your Windows

If your home already has faux shutters, consider updating them with a color that works well your new accented door!  If your home doesn't have them, consider installing some.  They can lend a pop of color to your home, just as the new front door color does, and they can make an ordinary-looking home look a little more cozy.

You can find a wide variety of styles and colors here.


Pressure Wash Everything
This makes such a huge difference to a home.  Sometimes, we don't even notice how dingy our homes have gotten.  Blame it on our busy lives; blame it on the fact that we saw the change happen gradually, dulling our ability to see it.  Wherever you place the blame, the same thing is true: your home needs a good washing.  The pressure washer makes things a lot quicker than doing this by hand.  If you don't have a pressure washer and have no one to borrow from, consider going to an equipment rental facility and renting one for the day.  Just a hint: these places are often closed on Sundays, so if you rent on Saturday, your return date is Monday, but because they are closed on Sunday, some places won't charge you for the extra day.

Don't have a pressure washer?  Rent one!  You can check out the varieties that Home Depot rents out here.

Hang Up Your Hose

If you don't have a nice way to hang your hose, consider even mounting a large decorative hook, like a plant holder hook, to a wooden pole and installing it next to your hose.  This will look so much nicer than that old cracked plastic hose hanger you had before, or worse yet, no hose hanger or reel at all!

Check out some of your options here.

Bring Out Your Green Thumb

If your house is going on the market in Spring, Summer, or Fall, plant flowers around your home.  If you haven't got much of a talent for gardening, be sure you are buying flowers that thrive in the conditions in which you are planting them.  Don't Buy Full Sun flowers for a shaded spot, because they will not fill out, and you'll never get all the flowers you want to see. 

If you are looking to go the easier route, do a little research into what flowers and plants are native to your area.  These plants will do well at your home, and they will require less work, because they are predisposed for your area's particular environment.

You can find your area's native plants here.


Be a Good Gardener

Make sure that while you are showing your house, you are keeping up with the weeding, the mowing, the watering, and the trimming.  Keeping that yard looking trim and tidy will, in turn, keep up your curb appeal game.  

Matching flower pots framing your front door, adding edging to your flower beds, installing hanging window planters, planting flower beds around your trees, layering plants to add dimension, and placing hanging planters on your porch are all good ways to add a little color and flare to your home!

Creating a theme that doesn't feel forced is the ultimate goal here, so even if you are one of those people who "doesn't have the eye for these things," remember this: you like what you like.  The things you like comprise your style.  Go with your gut when shopping, and Buy the things you really love.  It should all come together, and you'll soon be admiring the difference your improvements have made!

Questions Buyers Should Ask Themselves Before Searching for Homes

by The Linda Frierdich Real Estate Group

Questions Buyers Should Ask Themselves Before Searching for Homes

So, you're pre-qualified... Now what?


You're ready to start the journey of home ownership, and you've begun to prepare for the search for your perfect home.   You've spoken to a lender, and you've gotten a pre-qualification that will guide you via price range during your search.  Whether you've owned before or are a first-time homebuyer, this next step can be overwhelming.  There are so many resources and beautiful homes at your fingertips... Where should you begin?  It may seem boring, but there's a lot to be said for good, old-fashioned list-making.  Take the time to sit down and go over the things that are important to you in your next home.  If you are buying a home with another individual, it is also important that you both go through this process together.  The list-making can help everyone get on the same page, and then the Home Search can begin!  In case the task of making a list of home requirements and desires seems like a big task, here are some suggestions for criteria.


  • Minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Overall square footage
    • If you have no idea about square footage, start with where you're at now.  What is the square footage of the place you're currently living?  Maybe ask some friends and family what the square footage of their homes are to help you get a better idea of what range of square footage is right for you.
  • Open or closed floor plan
    • Do you like the idea of each room being its own closed-up space, or do you like the idea of one large room that allows for spaces to flow into one another?
  • New or Re-Sale
  • House, Condo, Townhouse?
    • Consider what option would be best for you.  Often, first-time buyers don't consider the condominium or townhouse, but they can be a viable option.
  • Space for Office or Bonus Room
    • You know that you'll need two bedrooms, but perhaps you'd also like a space that could work for a studio or office as well.  This is something to consider when looking for a home.  An extra bedroom or space could be used for different purposes.  How important is it to you that you have that space?
  • One or Two Stories
    • Some people LOVE having all living space on one floor, and some people like having it split.  What kind of person are you?
  • Garage, Carport, Off-Street Parking
    • What's your ideal parking situation, and where does it rank in importance?
  • Lot Size
    • Do you really only care about your yard being big enough to fit a barbecue grill, or is it important to you to have room for your kids or pets to run around?
  • Proximity to Places
    • Whether you're looking for a rural home or a suburban home, this can be a vital part of a Home Search.  What places would you like to be close to?  How far is too far away from those places?  What is your cost for mileage driving to work every day?  How much money is too much money to spend on mileage to and from work every day?
Hopefully this list gave you some thinking points to consider when searching for your next home.  Buying a home is a process, and we'd just like to make this process as easy as possible for everyone.
Don't forget- If you ever find yourself needing answers to questions regarding buying or selling, we are here to help you! Visit or call 618.719.3134

De-Clutter Your Home with These Tips!

by The Linda Frierdich Real Estate Group

De-Clutter Your Home with These Tips

It's Always a Good Time to Clean Up a Bit!

We've all been there- You have a space in your house that has gotten so cluttered, so messy, so "overgrown" with stuff, for lack of a better term, that just looking at that area of your home gives you a knot in your stomach.  We all want our homes to be organized, well-maintained, and free of junk we no longer use or need, but sometimes these things just get away from us.  When this happens, sometimes the anxiety we feel toward that messy space prohibits us from cleaning it up.  It seems like such a huge challenge to take on that we, with our busy day-to-day lives, push it to the back of our minds.  If we had a way to organize, de-clutter, and rid our homes of our no-longer needed possessions that would take less time, we might never let it get out-of-hand in the first place!  Here are some tips that should drastically cut down on the amount of time you put in to de-cluttering your home.  Plus, a little guidance is sometimes all you need to get motivated.  Fall cleaning, Spring cleaning, it's always a good time to straighten up a bit!

Questions to Ask Yourself 

While going through that cluttered space, ask yourself some questions of the things you unearth:

  • Is this something that I would Buy in a store if I saw it today?
    • This question is so important.  If you don't love it enough that you would Buy it again, there's no sense in hanging onto it.
  • Do I like this anymore?
    • This seems like a silly question to have to ask yourself, but sometimes you can be so used to looking at an item that you don't even recognize the fact that you no longer like it.
  • Do I use this anymore?
  • Do I have more of these items?
    • If you answer, "Yes" to this question, ask yourself, realistically, if you really that many of that item.
  • Would something else I own do the same job as this?
    • There's no need to keep items that do a job that can be done by other items you own.  They are serving no purpose but contributing to the mess.
  • If I keep this item, what item will I get rid of in its place?
    • Sometimes, it's hard to let things go.  If you find a cluttered space from which items need to go, but you find yourself wanting to keep the items you find, ask yourself this question.  You will find yourself ranking the items.  The lower on the list the item is, the closer it gets to the donation box or trash can.
  • Books and magazines: Realistically, will I ever read this again?
    • Tear out the recipe you were keeping the magazine for, and donate that book that you know you'll never read again.
  • In regards to bills, documents, and receipts: Will I need this come tax time? Am I going to return this item?
    • If the receipt is too old to even return the item or you are planning on keeping the item, you do not need to keep that receipt.  If you won't need to provide that document, receipt, or bill when tax time comes around again, get rid of it.
  • If it is clothes, jewelry, or shoes: Have I worn this in the last 12 months?
    • If you went through an entire season without wearing that blouse even once, it's time to let it go.
    • Seasonal wear, like winter coats, gloves, hats, and scarves- Did I wear it last year?
    • Seasonal wear, like swimsuits- Did I wear it last year?
      • Tip: If the elastic is losing its stretch on your swimsuit, get rid of it and treat yourself to a brand new suit next year!
  • Holiday items: Have I used this decoration in the past three years?
    • Holiday items, because we only get them out once a year, tend to pile up in storage areas.  Often there are boxes of holiday decorations that don't even get taken out of their spot in the storage area because we no longer decorate with them.  When it's holiday decorating time again, take out those extra boxes that haven't been used in three years or more, make sure there's not a special item enclosed in them, and put them in the car to be thrift store-bound!

Sometimes, it can be hard to let go of items, whether it be because we think we will use them again, or because we still like them, even though we truly know we will never use them again.  So much evidence points to clutter and mess being a huge stressor on individuals, causing damage in many aspects on our lives, from relationship troubles to the amount of free time that gets wasted while we are clearing clutter.  Clean house, Clean mind.  Let go of some items you have been holding onto for too long, and let the freeing feeling you get when they're gone be your motivations for keeping up with it!

Keep It Up!

Here are some tips to keep that space clear once you've successfully de-cluttered:

  • As you're de-cluttering, write down any organizational tools you think you could use that would help you keep things sorted and organized in the future
    • Those "mental notes" tend to get "lost" after we make them, but if you make a real note of the things you need, you're much more likely to actually purchase the items you need.
  • Deal with it as it comes in the door
    • When you take those receipts out of your wallet, pay those bills, or bring in the mail, actively put away the things you need to keep, and toss those you don't.  If you do it as it comes in the door, rather than piling it up to deal with later, you will find those piles are no longer appearing in your home.
  • One in, One out
    • When you bring home a new toy for the kids or a new shirt for yourself, take one less-used item out of your closet.  If you see that things are becoming overcrowded again, change that rule to One in, Two out.
  • Aggressively deal with piles
    • When you see that things are starting to pile up again, whether they be shoes in your mud room or paperwork on the desk, actively and aggressively go through them.  You'll feel so good once you do!
  • Always have a donation bag ready to be filled
    • This tip is so helpful, because if you keep this at the ready at all times, you will find yourself purging items much more often than you do without the donation bag ready.
  • Make de-cluttering a habit
    • Truth be told, it is so easy for clutter to build up in a home.  If you make a habit of actively sorting, pitching no-longer needed items, and donating gently-used items, you will find your home and mind clearer and happier.
Don't forget, there are people out there who can use your unused items! If the item is gently used, still in good shape, and still works, consider donating it rather than tossing it in the garbage.  You can cut down on your waste contribution, and you can give that item new life with someone who might just love it!

Research thrift stores in your area to find one that donates much of its profits to a charity you'd like to support, and feel even better about getting rid of the things you no longer need!

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