It has been a busy couple of weeks here at the office but our new website is finally online!  Building a website is not an easy task, especially when you list and sell as many properties as Linda and the rest of the group.   There are pictures to upload, listings to input, links to include, and a million other things to consider and decide.  Somehow we all found time to pitch in and we hope you find the end result satisfying!

For those of you who have visited in the past, you may wonder why we go to the trouble of putting up a new site. 

We did it because Linda and the rest of the group are commited to making your real estate transaction as smooth as possible, and the new website will help us to do just that!  You can find all of Our Listings on the site as well as homes listed by all Realtors, community information, loan information, and just about anything else you might need when buying or selling your home.  If you can think of anything else to make our site better please drop us a line!

Andy Gotto